Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tanilba Bay

Tanilba Bay

So what it about this stunning piece of Port Stephens that I love so much?
All of it!

From the magnificent gates
'The Water Gate' with the bollards from H.M.A.S Sydney
'The Entrance Gates'
which were built by unemployed workers during the Depression  
 to commemorate the centenary in 1931 of the land grant to the Caswells,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tanilba House

Tanilba House was built in 1831 by Lt William Caswell employing convict labour. A small gaol and an exterior kitchen are reminders of the days of convicts and servants. 
 In 1834 he planted a vineyard at Tanilba on ten acres around the house. He was possibly one of the first vignerons in the Hunter Valley and did well with his harvest. This was followed by neighbours in the Raymond Terrace district, who also did well with wines. (Paddle, 1992, p.13).
The growing family were on good terms with the local Aborigines whose children played with their own. However, there numbers soon diminished as they did throughout the colony. Emily Caswell wrote in 1841:
When we first came here all around we saw nothing but the blacks' fires and canoes, but now only a dozen are left of our tribes...they bring fish and oysters for flour...our blacks are harmless inoffensive people...their children are stout and spend half their day in the sea...each tribe had land allotted...they used to fight among themselves very often and had 'corroborys' - jumping up and down; and mourning by smearing themselves with white clay, saying [enigmatically] "Die - jump up white man".

Constructed of quartz porphyry stone which was quarried nearby. The mortar came from lime produced by burning oysters.Featuring 1/2 metre thick walls, high ceilings and large rooms with exhibits to suggest what life was like during our country's past.
The house has numerous and genuinely interesting historic displays. There are letters written by the Caswells, dressmaker's dummies adorned with delicate dresses and underwear from the late nineteenth century, old newspapers and crockery, antique furnishings and presses, a remarkable book collection with items dating back to the 17th century, and other memorabilia. 

Open to the public on SUNDAYS  and WEDNESDAYS
between 10.30 and 4.30. Other days are available by appointment.

Entry is $9.50 Adult, $2.00 for children under 15, Under 5's are free. Family ticket $20
This includes Coffee, tea or a soft drink.

Devonshire teas and light lunches are available and are best enjoyed on the beautiful wide verandahs or snuggled around the fire in the drawing room.
The Temple
Ideal wedding venue and very popular!

Contact Helen Taylor on (02) 4982 4866
Port Stephens Visitors Centre on (02) 4981 1579

*Unsupervised children will be put in gaol and sold as slaves*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



The Hunter Koala Preservation Society has called on the RTA to install more wildlife crossing signs along Nelson Bay Road.
The group says too many koalas are being hit by cars, and the signs would go a long way to saving lives.

Watch the video for a look at a successful release. 

Friday, May 6, 2011


Environment, Gallery & Information Centre
    is welcoming to tourists and shoppers.
Nursery is open for sales and is training in seed collection and propagation
Tourism provides eco-tours and hospitality tours. Overseas visitors can see koalas in the wild and learn about the Australian bush.
Site includes boardwalks, is continually being improved and maintained by volunteers.
Office is busy keeping up with paper work needed for our activities and keeping the members up to date with happenings.

Regular Activities
Creative Art: Wednesday 9.30am-12
Nursery Potting: Tuesday 9am to 12
Community BBQ; 3rd Sunday of the month 12 noon
Community Garden; every Thursday 8.30am
Nature Watch: Every 2nd Saturday

 Other Activities
Fund Raisers and Social Activities: These are many and varied but most of all fun, enjoyable, educational or a celebration.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tilligerry Habitat

Tilligerry Habitat Association is a non-profit, community association with objectives of education, conservation and job creation. It is aiming to be a centre of excellence. The Tilligerry Habitat Tours & Activity Centre have Advanced Accreditation for the National Eco Tourism Accreditation Program.
 The following areas are a sample of some of the projects that have been undertaken or are currently underway:
  • Boardwalk construction
  • Interpretive map creation
  • Koala condition monitoring
  • Monitoring the flora and fauna of the Tilligerry Peninsula (especially frogs, birds and orchids)
  • Coordinating volunteer efforts

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tilligerry Habitat Association inc

Tilligerry Habitat Reserve & Environment Centre
Eco-tourism, passive recreation and education.
 Situated on the south-western shore of Port Stephens, the Tilligerry Peninsula is just 2 1/2 hours from Sydney and 45 minutes from Newcastle and Nelson Bay. 

The Tilligerry Habitat is a tranquil, 9 hectare  Reserve bordered by a variety of park lands and the picturesque foreshore of Tanilba Bay.  Its diverse flora and fauna make it an excellent place to observe and study nature.

The network of scenic paths and boardwalks, over mostly flat terrain, make it accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages. Much of the area is wheelchair friendly. The Reserve includes forests, heath and wetlands and is home a variety of fauna including; koalas, a range of birds and seven species of frogs.

Other features of the Reserve include a straw-bale building that is our Environmental Centre. It contains an Arts and Crafts Gallery and has space for audio/visual presentations and small functions. It has a large deck looking out across the reserve where filtered water views of the bay may be seen through the swamp mahogany forest. Next door to the Environmental Centre is our Native Plant Nursery where visitors can buy native plants and learn about native plant propagation, rehabilitation of sand-mined land and plant rescue activities.

Tilligerry Habitat Centre

Tilligerry Habitat State Reserve Trust was gazetted in 1996, Tilligerry Habitat Association Inc. being the trustees. The site (9.6Ha) was mined for rutile and other heavy minerals 1965-68 and then abandoned without
rehabilitation only seeding with Rhodes grass.  From 1996, poor regrowth and serious erosion have been tackled by a rehabilitation and maintenance programme.  Together with the adjacent coastal strip, it is now possible to experience a sample of the rich biodiversity of the Tilligerry on footpaths through bush, dune, freshwater streams and koala habitat swamp mahogany forest by the sea.
Tilligerry Habitat Association Inc (THA) was created in 1995 to rehabilitate and care for the land.  It is a not-for- profit, community, voluntary association with a triple bottom line of conservation, social and economic